The Most Unusual Slot Games You Can Come Across in a Casino

Anyone who has spun the drums on a slot machine at least once, whether in a casino or online, whether in a casino with welcome bonuses or in a casino with no deposit bonuses, of which some are listed here, knows that slots are an inexhaustible source of entertainment that offers incredible opportunities. Even when strange design choices, themes, unique features, and the craziest slot names are added to it, you get the most unusual slot games without which this industry would not be complete.

So, if you are looking for unique but also strange slots, we have compiled a list of favorites in this regard that you will surely enjoy. Are you ready to learn which slot games are the most unusual and what makes them stand out? Here it comes. The slots that we will present definitely belong to the group of the most unusual slot games that will knock you off your feet. These slots are not only unusual but also immensely ‘contagious’.

Motorhead (NetEnt)

This five-reel, 76-payline slot machine is inspired by the legendary English rock band Motorhead and is considered one of the most unique online games.

The Motorhead slot offers players a slightly different experience than usual. The game is fast and exciting, and the bonus rounds are tailored for the players. This slot has many symbols, and some of them are clover, horseshoe, golden star, ace of spades, red seven, cherries… It is also interesting that players can choose “Rock Mode” when spinning during which the biggest hits of the band play.

Therefore, if you are a rocker in your soul, this is definitely the slot for you. With 76 paylines, you get the opportunity to spin the reels with a minimal bet and enjoy frequent winnings.

Fish Party (Microgaming)


Fish Party is a slot with five reels in three rows and with 243 ways to win. It is a great example of a fun Microgaming slot with a nice design, great music background, and bonus features.

We would say that the slot is a bit silly and funny, especially because each fish on the drums shows a unique personality. Different fish, starfish, and shellfish can bring great victories to players. When these symbols are combined with a treasure chest, a joker, and special symbols, no player can resist this slot.

Slot Fish Party offers regular payouts and can be enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced slot lovers.

Cyrus the Virus (Yggdrasil)

The theme of this slot is one of the weirdest we have come across. Imagine this, the focus is on the virus. We believe that due to the current pandemic, you have had enough of anything that has even the slightest connotation of the virus but if you are not so ‘disgusted’ and want to relax, you can spin the drums on this five-reel, 5-payline video slot.

As we said at the beginning, the theme of the game revolves around different types of viral cells that line up in winning combinations. It is a medium volatility game and can bring you a payout 2,000x higher than your stake. What makes this slot one of the most unusual slot games is undoubtedly the topic. In addition, this device has a unique design, addictive electronic music in the background, and amazing graphics that seal its reputation.

Frog Grog (Thunderkick)

Frog Grog slot does not contain drunken frogs but, nevertheless, the game is bizarre enough to be on the list of the most unusual slot games. Step into the mystical potion lab and embark on a magical slot experience brought to you by frogs that… burp.

The graphics of this game are also exceptional. It is set in an environment similar to a witch’s or wizard’s laboratory full of candles, magic books, magic potions, keys, bird cages, and various other accessories scattered on the surrounding shelves.

The Frog Grog slot game can be played on both a smartphone and a computer, and even contains a special feature that will increase your chances of winning. Although a little different and weirder than everyday slots, this game is a great choice for all passionate gamblers.

Machine Gun Unicorn (Genesis Gaming)

Imagine that the land of a little pony is suddenly attacked by zombies. They took axes, hoes and started attacking everyone. Who can help? Of course, a magical unicorn with a machine gun instead of a horn will come to the rescue in order to prevent a zombie apocalypse.

With five reels and 10 paylines, the Machine Gun Unicorn slot is an unusual but great blend of a silly theme and a game rich in bonus rounds. In this case, the unicorn is also a wild symbol that cancels all poorly paid symbols and gives nice prizes. Although unicorns and zombies are seemingly incompatible, Genesis Gaming has made an effort to give you a unique slot experience with a mix of exactly these two fantastic creatures.

Pablo Picasslot (Leander Games)

There are a surprising number of slot games on the theme of art and literature, but Pablo Picasslot is definitely the most unusual of all. With the help of fluttering painter Pablo Picaslot, players have the opportunity to spin drums in an attempt to paint their masterpiece.

Painted wildcard symbols appear as frames around certain squares, turning them into funny mustache versions of famous painters. Bonus features include “Free Spins” and “Masterpieces”, in which selected images reveal the keys to opening a treasure chest full of cash.

Scarface (NetEnt)

Al Pacino is an unsurpassed actor, which has been shown in this case as well. Although there are a lot of slot games on the theme of the cult movies, the Scarface slot stands out especially with its dark style and dialogue filled with rage. Just like Pacino’s movie.

What is the most interesting thing about this slot? Bonus game “Say Hello to My Little Friend” in which players have the task to protect Tony Montana by random choice of weapons. In this video slot, you will also see some scenes from the movie, rich animations, and all the famous characters that will provide each player with a top slot game.

For the End…

These most unusual slot games prove to us that the gambling industry has advanced so much that we will never get bored of playing slots. As unusual as the topics are, each of the above companies has made an effort to allow us to enjoy spinning the drums to our heart’s content, and that is the only thing that matters, right?