A Mother (39) Has Given Birth To 44 Children


In a Kabimbiri village, central Uganda, lives Mariam Nabatanzi, a 39-year-old woman who is the record-holder since, so far, she has given birth to 44 children out of which 38 survived.

During her first four pregnancies, she gave birth to twins, but she was also pregnant three times when she gave birth to quintuplets and three times in total, triplets were born. After that, she once again had twins and all the other times she was pregnant only one child was born.


All of her children are between five months and 23 years old, and she delivered them all at home, naturally. The first time she got pregnant was when she was only 13, and at that time this woman got married to a 43-year-old man, and even Mariam admitted herself that she was giving birth every year.

Mariam said that she had to marry so early because her mother had passed away and her father was looking to get her a husband, which was the first man who showed up. Mariam had all of her children with her husband who left her alone after the last child was born. Prior to that, she was a victim of physical and psychological violence, and her husband would take everything from the house, leaving nothing for the children.

Although she was trying to use contraceptive pills several times, it was all in vain, and she would get pregnant after that. Mariam has a rare hormone disorder which is called hyperovulation which means that almost every time she gets pregnant, she would give birth to either twins or even more children.

Mariam lives with her kids in the house she built on her own, and according to her words, she doesn’t want to be a beggar, so she works hard in order to provide for her kids.