Moto Z Handset Will Receive A Snap-On Alexa Speaker

Amazon’s Alexa has gained extreme popularity in a very short time, but its smartphone ambitions kind of reached the obstacle that cannot be crossed easily and using Alexa on the go didn’t become a part of our reality. However, this can change due to the new partnership between Amazon and Motorola, as this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Motorola confirmed that the Moto Z handset will receive an Alexa-enabled Moto Mod speaker.

At first, the design of the Moto Z appeared to be no other than a joke, but the company managed to get a lot of high-profile companies interested, and they will build Moto Mods together. Amazon is just one of the partners, and according to Motorola, the Alexa speaker add-on will be offered by the end of this year.

The Alexa accessory will be attached to the back of the device, and it will be visible as a prominent bump. Because of the curved back, the phone can rest partially on its side which has its advantages and flaws. For example, if you need to look at the screen for a response, it is good, but it will be hard putting that thing into your pocket and carry it like that.

Motorola has additional plans with Amazon which will include more than Alexa speaker mode. Some future smartphones produced by Motorola will come with Alexa functionality, and they even teased the upcoming technology in a blog post that announces the Alexa Mod. It said: “Later this year, we’ll add Alexa integration into our phones and you won’t have to unlock the phone first.”

Stay tuned for more details.