4 Packing Tips For Moving In A Hurry


Whatever we do, we should start our work on time. It’s the same with moving. Not only is moving stressful in itself, but it can also become more complicated if we are in a hurry. Then, when packing, we usually make mistakes, forget or lose things. To prevent such a thing from happening to you, look at these few packing tips, which can be very useful for you – especially if you are moving in a hurry.

OMG, I’m Moving and I Don’t Have Time to Pack!


You are moving to a new apartment, house, or another city. The moving date is approaching, and you haven’t even started packing yet – and you also haven’t got the slightest idea where to start. In that case, time is your biggest enemy, and one of the challenges in the moving process is how to find the right way to pack all your things in time. Most of us in that situation blame ourselves for starting packing so late. On the other hand, there are those among you who have tight deadlines for moving, so you can say you didn’t even have a choice. And how to organize now? You panic and already think that you will not be able to achieve anything in such a short time. Don’t despair! Everything is possible when you want it! And here are some tips that can help you with that. Use some of these tricks, pack all the necessary things and transfer them undamaged to your new destination.

Where To Start With Packing And Other Important Questions


It is not easy to go from room to room with the same question: what should I start packing first? For a moment, it seems logical that you can pack everything out of the closet just two days before. Then it seems wiser to pack dishes that you rarely use. However, the doubtful question soon follows: what if I need this pan in the coming days? It is also possible to wonder where you got some items from or why you keep most of the things you haven’t used in years. Because all these doubts can easily grow into big problems – it is wise to start packing for the move on time. However, if you couldn’t make it on time, follow some of these packing tips if you are in a hurry.

1.   Define the packing zones

One of the first mistakes people make when moving in a hurry – is not having a separate space for packing materials. If you spread boxes, sacks, and duct tapes all over the house – chances are high that you will waste precious time looking for them whenever you need them (and you are in a hurry). That’s why it is best if you can determine one place, the so-called packing zone, where all the materials you need will be close at hand. Of course, as you move from room to room – the ‘packing zone’ will also move. Set aside a corner, a table, or even an empty room for these purposes. Get all the necessary supplies – and in addition to the tapes and boxes, don’t forget the markers.

2.   Hire an agency to pack for you


In some cases, when you don’t have enough time or you are simply not sure whether you will successfully pack everything yourself – you can also consider having someone else do it for you. Packing for a move is serious business, and in expert hands, it can easily be done successfully. According to Easy Peasy Removals, if you are hiring an agency for loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings, ask in more detail about all the services they offer. Some companies specialize in turnkey moving – where professionals pack, transport, and unpack all your belongings in your new apartment. Of course, each of these services has its price, so carefully consider whether they fit into your budget.

3.   Don’t pack what you don’t need

This is a simple rule. If you don’t need something, then there’s no point in packing it and moving it to a new home where you won’t use it. At the same time, packing unnecessary things is a loss of time that you can’t waste. Therefore, try to get rid of everything unnecessary. First, carefully examine all your belongings and decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to throw away. The fact is that it will not always be easy to part with some items that have primarily sentimental value. However, if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for years or it’s too small for you – it might be better to give it away or sell it, rather than waiting for it to lose weight and take up space in your moving boxes.

4.   Make an “essentials bag” list

Everybody has certain things we often need. That’s why you need to think about this and make a list of things that are essential for you. On the day of the move and the first days in the new house, you will probably need many things. You’ll want to have easy access to toiletries, a cell phone charger, towels, or bedding. So, make your list of things you really can’t live without. Then choose a box, a suitcase, or a bag where you will pack those things – and label the bag so you know what is inside. On the day of the move, make sure that someone doesn’t accidentally put it in the truck with other things. This baggage must stay with you.

The Bottom Line


We already know how stressful moving can be, and the level of stress is even higher if you don’t have enough time to pack. Therefore, it is best to start all the work on it on time. If you still cannot achieve everything by yourself, try to find help. Whether you hire moving agencies that also do packing work, or invite family and friends to help you – you will get everything done, and don’t be too nervous about it. Stress is the biggest enemy of all movers, so don’t let it dampen your spirits and make you less efficient.