Moving Service Myths and Facts You Must Know

Relocating is not something that not a lot of people are properly aware of. This gives rise to assumptions both made by society and ourselves, most of the times these very assumptions turn out to be incorrect and mythical. Contact to the experts then click here. Moving Feedback have made this list of moving myths and facts that will help you have better knowledge about the moving services available in the market.

Moving your things yourself is cheaper: Myth!!

As most of you might be thinking right now, moving all your stuff on your own is not cheaper. First off it requires an extremely high amount of exertion, which could lead to lack of sleep, sore muscles, back problem and overall stress and consumes a lot of time.

Keeping all this aside if you still want to go through with this process then you have to be well equipped, that is, get a rental truck, pay for its gas, buy boxes and tons of bubble wrap to safely pack your belongings, parking permit, road tolls, vehicle insurance, insurance for your belongings etc.

At the end of the day the cost of all this will add up to be the same as that of professional packers and movers and they just might end up doing a better job than you. So why make a decision that you will probably regret later?

Labelling boxes will help: Fact!!

This is one of the more obvious facts. Labelling each and every box of your belongings is indeed time-consuming but in the end, will pay off. It will help you stay organized and free of clutter and chaos once you start redecorating your new house. You don’t need to write out all the things a certain box contains, instead just divide everything into road groups like Kitchen utensils, Clothes, Cutlery etc.

Most movers are scam artists: Myth!!

This is easily one of the most ridiculous assumptions. The chances of your moving company being a total scam is in point numbers. Just the way, not every person is bad the same way not every company is false. This can only be true when you are choosing to blindly trust the moving service providers without running a background check on them, this becomes way more necessary if you have selected your company online as fake websites aren’t that difficult to create nowadays. Do the needful beforehand so you don’t risk losing all your personal belongings and end up paying money to them.

It’s best to move on a weekday: Fact!!

Although it seems far more convenient to move on a Saturday on Sunday, weekdays are better as they save you from traffic, help to avoid paying extra charges due to high demands on the weekends and get your belongings within the given schedule with rarely any delays. So plan this out beforehand and then enjoy the perks of moving on non-busy days.

Something is always going to get damaged: Myth!!

This isn’t true in most cases but isn’t a complete lie as well. It isn’t that common for experienced movers to damage or lose your belongings when moving.

But very rarely accidents and mishaps do tend to happen and there is nothing much that you can do about it, if the item was small and meaningless then it is better to let go, but if something more expensive or personal was damaged during the move you can ask for a refund or contact consumer care services.

You will 90% end up getting reimbursed for your losses but make it a habit to get important things insured to cover the 10% probability of not getting a satisfactory response from them.

The moving company won’t move everything: Fact!!

When you hire moving service providers you cannot automatically assume that they would take care of every single thing there is. Most companies have various restrictions on things that you can and can’t get moved through them.

A few things that a lot of packers and movers avoid are perishable or frozen food items, pets, plants, flammable substances, hazardous materials, explosive and sometimes even valuables like jewellery so that they don’t get at the risk of losing expensive things.

The moving insurance covers everything: Myth!!

All the consumers beware, don’t assume that all the damages, if any caused, and will be completely covered by the company. A lot of big companies offer to cover these costs at a fixed rate per pound or kilo. But this won’t be enough when it comes to your valuable goods like jewelry, electronics, antique show-pieces etc. So it is always better to get your things insured yourself.

Moving is not always stressful: Fact!!

As we think, moving is not always stressful unless we make it hard for ourselves. A well-organised move does not put unnecessary stress upon us. And hiring a reputed, responsible mover will get most of the burden and stress related to it off you. They will do all the important and strenuous part of the moving from hauling boxes to carrying furniture.

Any box can be used for moving: Myth!!

You can not use any box to move your things. You need some sturdy ones to do that. So, it does not get crushed while moving by truck or break open while carrying. Weaker boxes may not take the weight of your stuff.

You do not have to travel in the moving truck: Fact!!

You may be worried about your things and furniture while moving them but you should make your arrangement to reach the new place. Being in the moving truck is unnecessary and it also makes the movers uncomfortable as they may think you do not trust them.

These were a few myths and facts when it comes to moving. Never believe these assumptions unless you’ve got solid proof about their validity. And hiring a well-reviewed mover to move your things will never fail you. But you also have to be responsible for your move to get it done properly. Now go get moving!!