6 Moving Tips that would make Moving Easy


Anyone who has moved before can vouch that moving can be one of the most draining activities: mentally, physically and financially. Not only is leaving a much loved and cherished house or neighborhood can be emotional, but the entire process of moving can also prove to be a stressful task especially if you are not used to planning and organizing.  Even if you are enthusiastic about moving to a new place, just thinking about the long and tedious move can dampen your mood.

Some of us are lucky to have friends and family who are more than happy and willing to help us through what may feel like a monstrous task. While others have to enlist the services of professionals who can help us pack and move, whether it is locally within the same city, across countries or sometimes, even to different continents.

Most of us have been in a situation where we have to move houses and this has definitely left us with some important lessons about moving. If you have or if you haven’t moved in your life, below are six moving tips that would make moving easier (whenever it shall happen for you):

1. Make a checklist or have a dedicated moving book


I cannot stress this enough. If you are anything like me, you might think that you will remember everything but end up forgetting most of it when the time comes to call upon it. There is a simple tool you can use to completely avoid this and that is if you have a checklist in place. You can use a little notepad, a to-do app on your phone, a whiteboard. Whatever you decide to use, just ensure you make a checklist for three important stages of moving: ‘Before the move’, ‘On the day of the move’ and ‘After your move’. As you complete each of the tasks at hand, the satisfaction comes when you are using a red marker to mark it off and don’t forget to make it fun and celebrate too. This will ensure that no step, no matter how big or small the task is, it will not get missed.

2. Choosing a Removalist


This one will be very instrumental to your entire experience. If you are moving for the first time, it is hard to gauge what type of moving company you will need. To figure out the kind of service you would want to enlist simply ask yourself some of the following:

What is my budget?

Do I have the time to pack myself?

Do I need my belongings urgently?

Am I flexible with dates

By asking some of the insightful questions above you can be find out where your priorities lie with hiring a mover. These days you can get a moving company that will carry out the entire process for you or you can simply hire movers who provide the basic minimum and transport your belongings from one place to another. Figure out what your needs are and requirements, what you would like to do yourself and what services you would like to hire and choose a packer and removalist accordingly. Whether you need a mover in London, a moving company in New York or removalists Melbourne, there will always be a range of removalist companies who will offer different quality of services so it will pay off to get 2 or 3 quotes before you decide. When compiling quotes from different moving companies, the removalists Melbourne platform findamover.com.au is a great place to start where you can list your moving job and compare a variety of removalists or interstate removalists quotes. A very straightforward process indeed.

3. Get rid of the extras

While packing all your stuff, you might realize that you are a bit of a hoarder and there are some items which you have as extras or simply some stuff you accumulated over time. Like why do you need 2 toasters anyway?
It could also be tempting to take everything with you but it might not always be practical or space in the new home may not allow for it. (Remember, your removalists will charge you based on the volume of items you have). Get rid of the extras – whether you decide to sell or donate. Sometimes it may not be worth transporting and could be cheaper buying after you settle in the new home.

4. Make an essentials bag


Even the most organized of people may forget to do this but always remember to have an essentials bag. This bag should have all the items you will need on your last day at your old house and the first day at your new house (this can have mugs, toilet paper, toothbrushes, contact lens solution – whatever you cannot do without even for a day). This way even if some of the unpacking is put off, you don’t have to go about your life without your essentials. Trust me, when you are in a new environment, new city, you can feel overwhelmed and it won’t feel as bad when you know you have all the essentials right beside you.

5. Good quality boxes


This is not an area you should cut costs. Good quality boxes are important so that your stuff reaches the destination intact. Moving is rough, you can hire the best of movers but if your stuff is packed into bad quality and flimsy cartons with no cushioning, items may break during transportation with all the bouncing around. If your removalists are doing the packing for you, insist on sturdy, good quality boxes only.

6. Understand your contract well

Sometimes there are hidden or extra costs associated with moving which we only realize once the move is done and none of the cost is refundable. Make sure you understand what is in your contract so that you do not have any unsuspected surprises on moving day.

These six tips will definitely come in handy the next time you have to move. Happy moving!