Multi Tabling In Online Poker – How to Find that Sweet Spot

Multi-tabling is the best thing about online poker. It has changed the way this game is being played. The main objective behind it is increasing the win rate of a player per hour. When you play consistently, you could earn a lot of money an hour by playing two tables rather than one. Whether you want to enhance your profit, reduce the downtime between hands, test your mental ability, or intensify your game, multi-tabling delivers all.

Multi-Table Heaven

In a live poker game, you have to play one game at one time but online poker gives you the chance to open up several windows and play various games at the same time. For players who are new to a poker game or who have not yet tried to play multiple tables, they might feel that this technique is meant for professional players only, but it is a myth. This Multi-tabling game is immensely popular among the poker players as it gives the chance to increase their winning amount every hour.

There are a few games that will be easier in multi-table compared to others. For instance, Texas Hold’em is a poker game that is played frequently at multi-table as there are restricted betting rounds and you need a lot of information that is easily available throughout the game. But, there are other games such as 7-card Stud that are far difficult to play at multi-table because players need more attention to make a profitable play.

Tips for better Multi-Tabling

Online poker is about maximizing your winning amount. Players do this when they play more tables. Though it might seem difficult with time, yet it shall come to you. When you play only a single table at one time, you end up making less money. However, if you are winning players then you will face no trouble adding some more tables.

Here are a few tips that can help you win multi-tabling:

Use the four-color deck

A four-color deck is a vital option in multi-tabling and they are Black spades, Red hearts, Blue diamonds, and Green clubs. Though it sounds weird, you will get used to it quickly. You can say which flush draws you got and which you missed.

Use the simple themes


Several online poker rooms have different themes that you can choose. However, do not use all of them while multi-tabling. Again, you should get rid of all distractions also.

Take notes

Even when you cannot pay attention to all the hands that are going on ensure you see the big ones and also take detailed notes of them. The notes shall remain with the players and whenever you run to that player, you can refer to the notes. Try to make the notes informative and short.

Find out a way of organizing the tables

Some players tile the tables and some slack. Find out what is going to work the simplest for you. This way, you can refer to the table quickly.

Sit in the same table and seat

Many poker sites such as Langitqq give an option to its players to sit at the same table and in the same seat. The software shall rotate the table. This is a great option for a multi-table player. To find out where you sit on the tables when you need to make important decisions may be a difficult job. When you are in the same seat, you know where you should look.

Finding the sweet spot

The main point in multi-tabling is finding the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the number of tables, which are played and they maximize the general winning rate. For most people, the number of tables they are playing is between 2 and 4. Some players feel comfortable while playing with more tables than 2-4; however, 2-4 tables are generally perfect for players, who want to enhance their winnings by playing at a single time.


Usually, the best strategy in a multi-tabling poker game is sticking to the simple ABC poker, wherein you place a bet with the strong hands while folding the weak hands. In multi-tabling, your focus will be divided among many tables. This shows that you shall not able to pick the reads that were normally possible and furthermore, your standard of gameplay will be adversely affected. As a result, if you try to make extravagant moves for outplaying your opponents, you might get yourself in a not-in-a-profitable situation. It is always a good option to remain fixed to the basic game strategy. This way, you will do fine.

More tables mean higher win per hour

The main reason why a player plays multi-table games is to enhance the winning amount per hour. When you win regularly the simple logic that is applicable is you increase the number of tables that you play and increase the amount that you win in a given period of time. One thing you have to keep in mind while playing multi-tabling is you might lose your focus because you play several hands simultaneously and so, your attention can get split between each table that you have opened. This will have a negative impact to make reads and thus, your decision quality shall reduce as more tables shall open up.

This will not be necessarily detrimental to the poker game because multi-tabling can still make you win and increase your winning amount. In the end, regardless of your reasons, it is something that every player should give it a try at one time. Multi-tabling might not be favorable to all poker players but a great way to experience the online poker game and to potentially increase the winning money from a poker game.

Final Thoughts


One of the greatest benefits of playing online poker is multi-tabling. Besides increasing your winning amount, multi-tabling can help you minimize your boredom between playing different hands. Many players find playing at a single table quite tedious and therefore, they want to play with more hands to overcome the boredom. It means multi-tabling is a great option for players who are looking for great action and those players who find it problematic to focus on a single game all the time.