MusicLens – Sunglasses That Can Play Music

Have you ever thought about what would come out if you combine wireless headphones and sunglasses? Well, MusicLens has the answer for you.

Kibey Culture, a company based in Los Angeles, has designed MusicLens which are stylish sunglasses/eyeglasses with built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy music, listen to the radio and more.

MusicLens uses bone conduction technology which is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. The speakers are located on the frame of the glasses away from your eardrum, but thanks to the bone conduction tech you will hear just as fine if not better than with regular headphones, and it is safer if you are sound sensitive.

MusicLense has a Bluetooth 5.0 feature that allows you to connect your glasses with your phone. From there you can download their Echo app on the app store and choose your settings. You listen to music, receive phone calls through your glasses, and if you do not answer within 5 seconds, the glasses will automatically pick up. While sometimes useful this feature can be changed in the settings. Apart from that, the glasses come with Smart Facial Recognition technology, which restricts all features to your face, Smart Touch controls, and FM radio. The glasses come with 32gb internal storage which is more than enough for storing all of your music.

The convenient thing about MusicLens is that you can use them as sunglasses outside and you can customize the glasses with prescription lenses. You can even add fluorescent ones for when your nightclubbing.

MusicLens comes in 3 designs: Modern, Geek and Vogue. The company claims their glasses block 98% of UV, IR, and Blue Ray light, fashionable and healthy. The rechargeable battery can last up between 7 and 9 hours when in full use and up to 48 hours when on standby. When the battery dies, recharge it with any phone charger. The smart touch controls located on the frame of the glasses allow you to adjust volume, skipping songs, power on and off, answering calls, and a mode button to switch to FM radio. The frame of the glasses is TR and Titanium Alloy while the lens is colorful polarized.

MusicLens was created in cooperation with the Japanise blockchain project Music Life which lets users earn MitCoin by playing music with MusicLens. You earn the coins by exchanging listening data in the Echo app.

So, you can listen to music and take phone calls, you can use them as plain sunglasses and ordinary glasses and you can mine cryptocurrency by simply listening to music? Is there anything MusicLens can’t do?

MusicLens has an Indiegogo project launching in the near future so keep on the lookout if you are interested.