My Hero Academia: Anime That You Will Love

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No doubts, My Hero Academia is taking the realm of anime by storm, and all the courtesy goes to its lovable characters, badass actions, and unerring mysticism. But without a killer cast and characters, no show can be a hit. This show proved that you could make each and every character endearing and downright cool.

That’s what led the market to launch My Hero Academia Funko Pop. So, ahead of anything else, I have mentioned some of the coolest and major characters here:


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This grape haired dwarf has an affinity for wicked and perverted pastime. The secrets of what his dorm room seems like are as mysterious and dark as Attack on Titan’s “What’s in the basement?”  Mineta’s is definitely a funny and frightful student that desires to be a hero for the fame and women.

Rikido Sato

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I admire Sato for several reasons and one of them is his huge lips which reminds me of wrestling superhero cartoon show “Ultimate Muscle”. The second reason behind liking him is his quirk “Sugar Rush.” What kid doesn’t fantasize about it? Don’t you want to get strong just by eating Honey Bun pie and cakes?


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I personally love this character very much. Koji Koda, also known as Anima, is not a fighter but make no mistake, he does have some fascinating quirk. The humbleness and modesty define him. What we saw so far tells that he is quite comfortable between creatures and animals.

His Quirk allows him to communicate with birds, animals, and even the small bugs. And that’s why all the creatures carry out his orders.

Momo Yaoyorozu

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This student Momo Yaoyorozu is quite famous for her practical and extremely intelligent deeds. She is so cunning that she can make a fool of anyone. And she has this special quirk that allows her to make objects out of her body parts. To form the objects, she needs to know the structure of those objects. Her high intellect and powers helped her to get UA recommendations.


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Once a quirk-less character Izuku Midoriya, has now inherited the “All Might’s One”. Although he is not able to use his powers to full extents, he still is the strongest protagonist in My hero Academia.   

He is so powerful that he can outrank his whole class in terms of strength, abilities, and skills.


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Shoto is a fairly tall, rather husky young man who is well-built according to his age. He was one of the students who got admitted into U.A. School with official recommendations. He has established himself as the most famous and powerful student in Class 1-A. The Son of No. 2 Pro Hero, is also thought of beating All Might in hero rankings.  Shoto has inherited his quirks from an ice-powered woman.


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The head of the Villains, as well as main enemy of the series, Tomura Shigaraki is an heir of All for One. Though he has a childish behavior and an aww look but with his powers, Tomura established his reputation as one of the worst and dangerous antagonists of Japan. 

That’s all for now. Let us know who’s your favorite My Hero Academics character?