Naomi Takes Away Women’s Championship From Alexa Bliss


Nobody really thought that WWE would give the title to Naomi over Alexa Bliss at this stage of the road to Wrestlemania, but they decided to go that route and gave her the title on Sunday night at Elimination Chamber. She has been with the company for years, and this woman has been one of the best performers. The years of hard work have paid off yesterday, and now she is at the top of the food chain on Smackdown Live.

The match itself was pretty good, but just a bit too short considering that it was a battle for the title. Naomi is agile and can execute any move in the book. She looks good, and we could see why she has been with the company for so long. Alexa Bliss, on the other hand, has the most amazing facial expressions while in the ring, her mannerisms as a heel are impressive and she will be back with the title eventually.

Even though she is the MVP of Smackdown Live’s women’s division, the company decided that she drops the title to Naomi probably because this year’s Wrestlemania 33 will be in Orlando, which is Naomi’s hometown and they want to give her that feel-good moment at the biggest event.

If she’s booked in a Women’s Championship match at the grandest stage of them all, it would be expected that she drops that title. But still, we have just a bit under two months until the Wrestlemania and WWE might decide that she is a long-term option with that title, or, they might even give it to someone else in that time span. Smackdown Live’ episode on Tuesday night will give us the answers.