Naruto Shippuden – McFarlane Produced Naruto Action Figure


Masashi Kishimoto is a Japanese manga artist who created the famous series called Naruto. Naruto Shippuden is approaching the end of its source manga, and its eager fans can’t wait to see how the show will end. All across the world, people are crazy about anime, so it comes as no surprise that some US companies are interested in Naruto.

Now, anime enthusiasts and collectors can add a high-end Naruto Shippuden figure produced by McFarlane Toys. This company will launch their Naruto Shippuden figure in April 2017, and it will come in his famous orange jumpsuit. The starting price of the Color Tops Collector Edition will be around $20, and it will be a must for all Naruto fans. The description of the product says:


“In becoming jinchūriki (the vessel) of the Nine-Tails, many survivors of the attack on The Village Hidden in the Leaves blamed Naruto Uzukami, causing him to be shunned and ostracized by his home. Vowing to become Hokage (the Village Leader) and regain the respect of his peers, Naruto embarks on countless adventures and encounters many hardships along the way. Throughout the journey, his abilities as a ninja begin to strengthen, allowing Naruto to become a true hero, not just to his village, but to the entire world.

This figure stands 7 inches tall and comes equipped with two Kunai Knives. Naruto is sculpted in his iconic outfit from the Naruto Shippuden television show. Stylized display base included.”