Nascar Heat Evolution Will Now Feature 40 Player Races

Nascar Heat Evolution

NASCAR wanted to deliver the ultimate driving game, so they worked with Monster Games which is a company with a background of developing classical NASCAR games. They worked together to find new innovative ways to make the in game experience as similar as it gets to reality.

How would they do this? Well they needed to implement similar issues and qualities to reality, such as more adaptive AI, more car tuning options, a better in depth career, championship modes, etc. But even if they did all that it would just be another NASCAR game as this is what they have always done, and they needed something new.

They first expanded their audience as NASCAR Heat Evolution will be the first official NASCAR game on the PS4. Then while developing on the new ‘next gen consoles’ they realized that they could do things they have never been able to do before, so they went on to integrate 40 player races.

In previous NASCAR games multiplayer games would be hosted by one of the players, but this caused many problems as people would run into others with a bad connection, and thus the players would either experience extreme lag or they would disconnect. This is a problem also common in Call of Duty Black ops 3 zombies, as one of the players would be host, and when the host disconnected the game would usually disconnect. To combat this problem NASCAR now has their own system to host games, allowing for more optimal and lag free gameplay.

They also decided to integrate different online lobbies, those being No rules, Normal, and hosted. No rules is preferred for beginners looking to enter the world of NASCAR racing, as a No rules lobby allow you to practice and with no restrictions. A normal lobby is for the general crowd of people who enjoy a quick friendly match. Hosted lobbies or otherwise known as competitive lobbies are for the competitive bunch.

NASCAR will also give players the option to join a session in action or to create their own, if you select the second option you will be able to select the track, number of laps, fuel and tire wear, and the limit of how many players may join. Once a race has been made it will begin after 60 sec no matter how many people joined.

The multiplayer will only contain human drivers, so no bots. If a player chooses to quit then his or her car will just disappear, allowing the other players to continue the race as normal. This does look like a very exciting new take on NASCAR racing games, and hopefully they can live up to the hype, as that can only be confirmed on September 13th, which when the game releases.