How Long Does It Take for a National Police Check – 2024 Guide

If you are a completely honest person that has never done something illegal, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to go through a National police check. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, then it is recommendable to do this type of research and get a clear vision of which candidates deserve to get a job in your company.

The good news for all the business owners is that doing a National police check is no longer a problem. All you have to do is to find websites like, and, with a couple clicks, you will get all the necessary pieces of information. However, we do not want to say you should do this without any preparation.

Many people are not even familiar with the details about the National police check. If you are one of them, then we prepared a perfect article for you. One of the questions that you surely have is how long does it take for a National police check. That is the first question we will gladly answer.

You Will Have to Wait for Maximally 2 days

As previously mentioned, there are many companies that will look for the national police check. Despite that, the same rule counts when we talk about different government agencies, service providers, and organizations. If the people that want to hire you or give you some responsibilities, it can be too important to them that you have a clean criminal record.

Anyway, as the subtitle suggests, you will need to wait for around 2 days after you apply for the national history check before you get it. The good news is that the entire procedure sometimes lasts even shorter. For instance, if you require it early in the morning, it may happen you will get it tomorrow morning. Because of that, we recommend you apply for it after you get up because the chances you will get it quicker are bigger in that case.

Which Pieces of Information Are Available In This Document?

FIrst of all, all the people need to know that this type of background check is legal. Because of that, whether you are a person that looks for a job or a business owner, you have the right to require this document. It contains all the pieces of information collected from different police agency databases about your criminal history. This means your potential employer will manage to see whether you have some criminal offenses in the past across the entire country. Despite offenses, the employer can find out more about Pending cases within your country, country sentences, disclosable court outcomes, etc. on this site. In other words – you confirm with this document that you have never done anything illegal and that you are a reliable person that deserves to get a job in a particular company.

Where and How Long Is the National Police Check Valid?

We assume this is the next question that you have. Well, we primarily need to say this document is going to be valid in all parts of the country. Because of that, once you get it in your state, you can use it in all parts of the country.

Speaking of the time this document is valid, things are a bit specific. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as an expiring date on the document you get. Let’s say that you decided to get this confirmation three months ago. However, in the meantime, you decided to move to another company where the employers have the same requirements. They may require once again to get a National Police Check because they want to confirm that you haven’t done anything bad in the meantime.

However, most employers won’t ask you to do that if the document is not older than 3 months. Because of that, we recommend you do not recommend you do that any time of the year. Do it only when you know the company will require it.

People Use Different Phrases for the Same Document

It is probably good to mention that the same document has multiple names. Many people start thinking the companies are looking for different types of documents and they spend their time and money with no reason because of that. Some of the names that you may see (despite National police check) are Police Clearance Certificate, Criminal Background Check, National Police Clearance, etc. All these names refer to the same thing, and if you already have a National Police check document, that means you have “all of them”.

There Is No Just One Type of Police Clearance

Okay, we mostly talked here about the employees that are trying to find a job. Indeed, one type of criminal background check serves only for employment purposes. However, it is good to mention it is not the only one. Believe it or not, there is also a volunteer police clearance. This document is necessary for individuals that plan to apply for an unpaid job.

Okay, we believe that people will know the difference between these two types. However, it is good to mention that making a mistake can be costly for you. For instance, it may happen that you won’t manage to get the job of your dreams just because you applied for a wrong type of National Police check. On the other hand, it is also crucial for those people that plan to apply for a particular citizenship status to make the right choice.

Final Thought

Well, you now know everything important about the National Police check. As mentioned, you will mostly need to wait for around 24 hours to get it. Even if you need to wait for a longer period, that won’t be more than 2 days. The easiest way to complete the process is to visit the website that we attached at the beginning of this article and complete the entire procedure with a couple of clicks. The entire procedure may last shorter than you could even imagine which will allow you to focus more on representing yourself the best possible way on the job interview.