Natural Hair Extensions Clip In – What to Know

So, you are thinking of getting some natural hair extensions clip in? Or maybe you just bought a set. But, you do not know what to do with them? There is no need to be alarmed. This article will introduce you to detailed facts about this extension. The article will also debunk some of the myths around weaves, so you can make an informed decision before you take the plunge.

Why Natural Hair Extensions Clip Ins?


There are four main types of extensions; Tape-in, Clip-in, Bonded(glue), and Halo extensions. Natural hair extension clip ins come in different sizes of wefts, and of all weaves, natural hair clip in is safer and easier to install.

Various types of weaves differ by material, application methods, and texture. They are easy to apply and blend in with your natural mane. These extensions do not tug at your tresses.

With these extensions, you can rock different looks and styles as often as you desire since the extensions are durable and easy to manipulate due to their similarity to human hair.

Knowing the Right Clip In for You

Clip-in weaves come in different types, depending on material, texture, and production.

Natural hair extension clip-ins originate from regular human hair and Remy’s weaves. Cuticles do not exist in regular natural weaves and their strands are in disarray. Hence it does require silicone treatment and an acid bath. However, Remy’s weave is preferable since its cuticles are preserved and require less processing.

A clip-in has varied textures. The natural extensions come in silky straight, textured straight, wavy, curly, and kinky.

Knowing the right clip-in is solely dependent on your hair type. This knowledge will guide you in purchasing the right texture of the weave to avoid ending up with a bad hair extensions.

Selecting the right clip-in is dependent on a few things;

  • Texture: Clip-in is perfect for all hair types. However, it is advisable to know your mane texture if you are going for a flawless look. For thinner tresses, you should use hair pieces with heavy and lengthy wefts. Wavy textures and curly textures would be preferable. For thicker manes, silky straight is often the best, as it is lighter on the mane and blends in with natural strands.
  • Curl pattern: Every lady has a different curl pattern. The curls of the natural tresses range from Type 3A to type 4C. With every curl type, the curl pattern differs. Ladies with Type 3 curls will wear the curly textured weave. For the queens with a tighter z-patterned curl, it is best to go for the natural-looking kinky curls.
  • Color: For the perfect glam look, it is always a plus to go for clip-ins that will be similar in color to your natural tresses.

Benefits of Natural Hair Extensions Clip In


These weaves are always the priority for ladies who know their tresses. This fact is evident for several reasons. Natural clip-ins-

  • Add volume to your mane, irrespective of the type, color, or curl pattern of your tresses.
  • Do not damage the mane. The weft lay flat on the scalp without pulling at the strands.
  • Acts as a protective style.
  • Can be manipulated to any style- curled or straightened, since it is a human mane.
  • Are easy to install- installation method takes five minutes or less.
  • Easier to maintain unlike sew-in, flip-in, or fusion extensions. Each weft can be removed easily and kept for future use.
  • Create a range of looks in a short time when needed.
  • Is durable when compared to synthetic extensions.
  • Extensions are soft to the touch and silky. They do not get detangled easily.

Maximize Durability- Caring for Your Weave

The durability of the weave depends on how much you care for it. Since your clip-ins are natural tresses, you will have to care for them as such.

There is a myth about doing whatever to these weaves since they are durable enough to endure anything. That sentence is false. Caring for your artificial tresses is the easiest way to increase their life span.

Whether you are going for kinky curls, straight weaves, or wavy, caring for your artificial hair integration will increase its life span and give you the glam look you need.

The proven ways to take care of your natural hair extension clip-ins are;

  • Moisturize: Clip-ins do not receive oils from your scalp. That is why you need to keep your extension moisturized between wears. It is best to moisturize with serum and light oils like Argan.
  • Comb: This extension is prone to tangling and knotting. They are wefts of literal human hair. Run your fingers through your weave.
  • Brush: While combing extension works perfectly. Brushing with the right tools is more effective. Some of the best tools needed to brush your weaves are; the Jumbo wide tooth comb, Detangler brush, Paddle brush, Looper paddle brush, and the Natural boar bristle brush.

Tip: Avoid using the wrong brushes, as they can tug on your weave, ruining the base of the wefts.

  • Washing: Natural extension tends to gather dirt and products used over time. The best time to wash your weave is every 12-20 wears.

Tip: Avoid using shampoo products with DEA or sulfates, as they can cause frizz and ruin the cuticles of your weaves.

Other ways to care for your extensions are;

  • Detangle with conditioner: While washing these weaves, it is best to use leave-in or deep-in conditioners to detangle the wefts. Conditioners soften your artificial tresses and retain their texture for a long time.
  • Use heat protectants: When styling your weaves, especially when applying heat, it is advisable to use heat-protectant products.
  • Store properly: After every use or before bed, always store your extensions in an air-tight container or place them on a hanger.

Tip: It is better to keep each weft separately. You can comb them before bundling them, then store them for future use.

After reading this article, you are ready to rock a new look. So, visit that store on your street or your bookmarked page and get the best clip-in weave. These artificial tresses are highly affordable and durable.