NBA All Star Votes – Results Of The First Returns In The Eastern Conference

NBA All-Star Weekend festivities have become a big part of the NBA season. It’s the time when players are enjoying themselves while entertaining the fans. It’s mostly fun, but the number of All-Star nods might determine the amount of money that player gets when his contract is up. At the end of player’s career, we are looking at this All-Star nods as one of the most important accomplishments. Let’s take a look at the leading vote-getters in the Eastern Conference.

In the frontcourt, LeBron James is leading the way with 595,288 votes. He is the top vote-getter so far this season, and nobody is surprised. Some may be surprised by Giannis Antetokounmpo being the second guy in the frontcourt with 500,663, but he has had an All-Star caliber year and should be in the game. Kevin Love of the Cavaliers is the one that closes out the starting spots with 250,347 votes.

Frontcourt players that just missed the cut in the East are Joel Embiid with 221,984, Carmelo Anthony with 189,817 and Jimmy Butler with 189,066.

When it comes to the backcourt players, we have another Cleveland Cavalier that is leading the way in voting. That’s Kyrie Irving with 543,030 votes. The second on the list and the guy that closes out the starting lineup as of right now is Dwyane Wade with 278,052.

Kyrie definitely deserves to be the starter in the match, but the same thing can’t be said for Wade. Guys behind him like DeMar DeRozan with 253,340, Isaiah Thomas with 193,297 are more deserving of that spot. A similar situation is with Kyle Lowry that gathered 128,940 votes and John Wall with 87,360 votes.