NBA All Star Votes – Results Of The First Returns In The Western Conference

The NBA All-Star weekend has become a tradition in the NBA. It’s the time of the year where entire league takes a break, gets ready for the second half of the season, but also enjoy’s the festivities. When players’ career is done, we are always wondering how many All-Star games did he make. That is why the All-Star nod is important to the players. Here are the results of the first return.

Zaza Pachulia was in the news a lot last season as he almost made it to the All-Star match. Will he make it this year? Here are the results of the first return.

In the frontcourt, we have Kevin Durant as the leading vote-getter in the West with 541,209 votes. There is do doubt about the fact that he deserves to be in the game. We have another Warrior in the frontcourt, but it’s not Draymond Green, it’s Zaza Pachulia with 439,675 votes! The third man on the list right now is Kawhi Leonard with 341,240 votes.

It’s a safe bet that Zaza is nothing more than a guy in the rotation, not an All-Star. Players like Anthony Davis with 318,144 votes, Green with 236,315 votes, DeMarcus Cousins with 202,317 votes are all more deserving than the Warriors’ starting center.

When it comes to guards, Stephen Curry is leading the way with 523,597 votes, but James Harden with 519,446 and Russell Westbrook with 501,652 votes are right behind him. This is going to be a tight race for the starting guard spots in the Western Conference.

Far behind in the West race are Klay Thompson 293,054, Chris Paul with 173,830 votes and Damian Lillard with 117,857 votes.