NCIS Season 15 Air Date – Rumors and Speculations!

Every fan on this planet wonders what will be the premiere of the NCIS Season 15 after such a finale that we saw. Well, that is the question of the hour for the Mark Harmon series.

We have known for a long time now that there will be a season 15 of the NCIS since the show was renewed in 2016 for two more years. That meant that Harmon got a new two-year deal and it is only left to see what’s in store for us when it comes to the story of the show. There are no worries about the cast however it is possible that we will see some new faces.

This show is known for its predictability when it comes to season debuts. Season 1 aired on September 23 and the last one, the most recent, aired on September 20. The latest day of the month that the season premiered was the 28th, and the earliest was the 19th. Now it all depends on when the fall schedule will begin. Therefore we expect it to air the second day of that in September. We speculate that it will air either on September 19 or September 26. However, the latter is more probable. Why? Well, because of the longer summer hiatus. That means one week fewer of repeats throughout the season. Yeah, we hate that about the show too but what can we do.

Now, another interesting question has been going around, and that is the question of whether there will be any more seasons after the 15th. We all know that this show is about the NCIS office and not so much about a single character or person. Having concluded that, we think that it can go on for however long CBS wants to keep producing it. There would be no problems with cast members since they are free to go after each season. One of the problems is that its ratings show a downward trend recently, but it’s still television’s most watched show. And on top of that, it is popular all over the globe.

NCIS Season 15 Air Date

What do you boys and girls think about the possible air date? Will there be any more seasons after the 15th? Let us know in the comments section below!