Here Is What Needs To Happen For Cowboys To Clinch A Playoff Spot In Week 13

Dallas Cowboys are on the verge of making the Playoffs as they got the job done in Minnesota last night. Even though it wasn’t pretty and it could have easily gone the other way, Cowboys won their 11th straight game. If they win against the New York Giants, they will clinch not only a Playoff spot but they would most likely be the divisional champions barring any colossal collapse.

One team that needs to lose in order for Dallas to verify their postseason ticket on Sunday are the Redskins. They are playing in Arizona against the Cardinals and need to win if they want to prevent the Cowboys from securing their place this week.

Another possibility for Dallas to book their Playoff spot this week is Tampa Bay’s loss or tie. They will be playing in San Diego against the Chargers and by what we seen so far they are going to have a tough time beating them. But, they do have two big wins in a row, and they are still alive in the Playoff race, unlike the Chargers who have nothing to play for.

Those are the two option that Dallas has. If Redskins lose, or Tampa losses or ties in San Diego, the Dallas Cowboys will be back in the NFL Playoffs. Last time they were in, they were pretty close to the NFC Championship game. But in 2014, nobody really expected them to be there. Now, if they do get that home field advantage, people will expect them to make to the NFC Championship game, at least. Without a doubt, this squad is in great position to go all the way.