Neville vs. Austin Aries Cruiserweight Title Match – Wrestlemania 33 Picks And Predictions


The fact that this duel will not be on the main card is a perfect way to describe the Cruiserweight division. They are a bit underappreciated, and they lack the star power. Now, Neville is the King of the Cruiserweights, and he has done an amazing job ever since he came back and took the title away from Rich Swann. Nobody really thought that he could work as a heel, but he looked very good while doing some of the best promos of his career.

Austin Aries is the new face in this division and a much-needed one. He has the star power that this segment needs in order to grow and become more appealing. Right now, it seems that this guy was the perfect pick to go up against Neville at Wrestlemania. But, is he actually going to take the belt of the “Man That Gravity Forgot“?


The most important thing here is for these two to have a great match on Sunday in Orlando. It’s too bad that the showdown will take place on the pre-show. If it was on the main card and everybody got to see these two give it their best and put on a spectacle, the fans would want to see more of them.

Still, they need to go out there and deliver. We think that this is the feud that is going to lead the Cruiserweight division going forward, so it’s too early for the babyface to take away the title from the heel champion. That is why our pick for this match is Neville retaining the title.