New Big Change To Survivor Series Card!

As soon as the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view ended, the WWE started laying out the card of the Survivor Series. On Monday Night Raw, they already announced what matches are going to be at the Survivor Series and who is going to face against who. Then, Smackdown attacked, and it seemed that it was going to be another lackluster build for one of WWE’s biggest pay per views of the year.

After that first week of setting things up, the WWE has done everything right to make the proper adjustments to the Survivor Series card. The matches now look much better than they did during that first Raw post-TLC.

Lesnar vs. Styles is a better match than Lensar vs. Jinder Mahal, men’s teams got much stronger with John Cena and Triple H in the storyline, while The Shield got their match with the New Day.

The final cherry at the top of the cake was put last night on Smackdown Live when Charlotte beat Natalya in the title battle for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. It was a great duel in which Charlotte prevailed.

That is going to cause the switch in WWE’s plans as she is now going to face Alexa Bliss at the Survivor Series in a Champion vs. Champion match. This is going to be the clash of the only two Women ever that have held both Raw and Smackdown Live Women’s Titles.

Even though Natalya is a great performer, there is no doubt that Charlotte being in the match takes this Champion vs. Champion battle to the next level. She is likely going to win this duel and lead the blue brand women for the foreseeable future.