New Big Feud Set For Roman Reigns On Raw

The IC title has been somewhat underutilized over the past couple of months as The Miz hasn’t really done a lot to enhance the belt. Even when the time came for him to defend his belt, WWE usually put that match on the pre-show. On top of that, there was no need for him to fight for the title to stay in his possession during huge shows like The Summerslam. Well, WWE wants to change that, and they made a step in that direction on Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns has had somewhat underwhelming run with the US Championship which caused somebody to think that the situation is going to be the same with the second mid-card title in WWE.

Reigns issued a challenge to Samoa Joe right at the beginning of Raw, but Jason Jordan had something to say. Even though the crowd really doesn’t like Jordan’s character, he is doing everything in his power to change that as his promos have been decent.

Since he attacked Roman, Joe was forced to watch from the ramp while these two battled for the IC belt.

Speaking of the two, they had an amazing match. Jason Jordan doesn’t have the best character, he doesn’t have the charisma, but the man can work in the ring. He carried Roman to a great clash which The Big Dog won in the end.

Samoa Joe wanted to finish what Jordan started by coming to the ring and putting Roman to sleep, but Jordan had something to say about that as he didn’t want to get pushed over by The Submission Machine.

All of this is causing us to believe that Roman will either put his championship on the line against Samoa Joe, or Joe and Jordan. But, since Samoa Joe showed up during the main event, it is more likely that we get Roman vs. Joe only.