New Day Can Say Whatever They Want During Their Promos


A big part of the reason why attitude era was the most successful period in the history of the WWE was the fact that the wrestlers weren’t as scripted as they are today. Yeah, the writers have always given them some kind of guidelines that they needed to follow, but they never put the words into their mouths. More often than not, they were free to say whatever they feel like and it made for a great television.

You just can’t script the guys like The Rock, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Those are two of the best promos that this company has ever seen. When you have those kinds of skills on the mic, you don’t need somebody to write for you. Today, the things in the WWE are different. There aren’t as many good talkers, and the shows are now PG. That is why the writers and Vince feel like they need to keep their guys in check all the time.


Of course, there are still stars that have the freedom that others don’t, the only difference is that the group of people that have those privileges is now much smaller. One of the groups that can say whatever they feel like is the New Day. They have been one of the most successful acts in the company for the past two years, and Vince really trusts their work. Here is what the New Day had to say about their promos.

“A lot of times, when we are given stuff to say, we just say what we want to say. As long as it hits. That is all Vince cares about. Even when he doesn’t agree with what we want to say, he looks at the crowd, sees everyone having a good time and trusts that we’re able to deliver.”