New Details About the Tesla Model 3 EV. Where it Will Be Released First?

This model from Tesla is one of those that people are waiting for with some specific excitement. The numbers are saying the same – total pre-orders are worth around $10 billion. As for the dates, production date is set on the 1st of July 2017 and those who decide to buy one can expect the delivery by the end of the year.

Which region will have the opportunity to see it first?

Even though the buyers of Tesla Model 3 in North America are expecting their new car by the end of the year 2017, they may not be the first to have the chance to enjoy driving it, actually. It is possible for Tesla to appoint a different release date in Asia, before the North American one. The thing is that Tesla is looking for a production partner outside the USA. There are possibilities of farm out the production especially to China to keep up with the orders. Jon McNeill, the Tesla’s President, indicated this earlier when he was visiting China. Also, Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors’ CEO, acclaimed these plans of finding a local partner for the China plant. He predicted a production of approximately 200,000 Tesla Model 3 cars by the end of 2017. Furthermore, he advised Tesla buyers to book their unit in order to have it received by 2018.


There is certain information about the car’s abilities, looks, power, and other specifications. Take a closer look:

The battery of the 3rd generation is used

The car has the same battery technology as the ultra-quick P100D version. The latest battery will be thicker than the previous one, with the modern cooling system.

Improved Interior

As we know, Tesla Model S has a big touchscreen that is actually a tablet. Now, Tesla Model 3 will have no physical gauge cluster; it will utilize a floating screen. The new high-tech display will show the car’s speed, navigation info, as well as the battery level. Another feature of this car will be foldable back seats. This way the car will be turned into a tent, and it’s officially called the Camper Mode. The car is going to be completely silent with an option of leaving the AC turned on during the night, under the condition of having enough energy in the battery pack.

Ludicrous Mode

The company’s CEO confirmed that the Model 3 will also have the Ludicrous mode, just like the Model S and Model X do. This will affect the prices and offer several different versions. Relatively recently a YouTube user under the nickname of Jeff Klakring uploaded a video that he shoot on his own. While traveling on a highway near Palo Alto, CA, close to the Tesla’s headquarters, he noticed an updated Tesla Model 3 next to him, so he decided to take a video of it.

For U.S., the car was officially revealed in March this year, even though pre-order placements had already begun one day before. Those who are planning to buy one should expect the price about $35,000. For those in China, CN¥ 8,000 deposit is mandatory when booking the car.

The U.S. price is around $2.500 less than the competition’s model, Chevy Bolt. GM and Tesla are having a huge competition between them in order to be the first when it comes to selling an affordable electric vehicle. Price is going to be one of the factors among all others, and early reports say that we will have two neck to neck competitors in many segments.