New England Patriots Making Major Moves


This past season just ended with the New England Patriots making a huge comeback in the Super Bowl and winning the title for the 5th time in their franchise history. They are sitting at the top of the NFL right now, but they know that 31 teams are trying to take their position. That is why Bill Belichick is one the move from day one of the Free Agency. He wants to stay at the top.

Stephon Gillmore is the first move that Patriots made since the start of the Free Agency. Logan Ryan is on the move to Tennessee, and Malcolm Butler might be used in a trade, or he might leave next year as a free agent. Gillmore inked a four-year deal with New England, giving them a nice boost on defense.


They also traded their second-round choice to get defensive end Ealy and the third round pick that is just a couple of spots below their original pick. Beautiful move from Belichick who is trying to do a little makeover of his defense.

Those are the two first moves on the defensive side of the ball, but they aren’t the only ones that Pats made overall. Getting Dwyane Allen to replace Martellus Bennett move, but the trade of their first round choice for Brandin Cooks was the best move that they have made. They are getting a 23-year-old speedster, a guy that is a proven player who’s best days are still ahead of him. Cooks is the best wideout that New Orleans had last year, and he is now going to play with probably the greatest quarterback of all time. Opposing teams are now going to have even more trouble stopping the best team in the NFL.