New England Patriots vs. New York Jets – Week 12 Picks And Predictions

When a game is moved from a primetime spot on Sunday Night Football to a regular match time, you know the matchup is not even and that one team has failed to meet the expectations. Clearly, people expected more from the New York Jets. They were one of the squads that were supposed to make some noise in the AFC.

They failed to do so and their season is already over with no chances to reach the postseason. Jets have nothing to play for but bragging rights. The game against the Patriots is always intense for them and fun to watch. With all that being said, the NFL still decided to move this duel back and have something more competitive during the Sunday Night Football. That just shows you how bad the Jets were this season.

New England Patriots keep rolling, and they are now on their way to New York to face the Jets. They have had some struggles in New York in the past couple of seasons as Jets always played them tough at MetLife Stadium. But, this time the team that will host them is not as good as the squads from the past year, especially the one from last season.

Whether Gronk plays or doesn’t, it won’t make a difference. Patriots should probably rest him and let him heal as they won’t need this man in the game just like they didn’t need Gronk this past Sunday against the inferior 49ers squad. Well, Jets are not much better than Niners to be quite honest, so we don’t see the reason why not to rest one of the best tight ends in the league.

They are putting Petty on the bench just because they don’t want him going up against Belichick and New England Patriots. Fitzpatrick is not their quarterback of the future, so they don’t mind throwing him into the fire after he spent the season throwing a lot of balls to the opposing team. Patriots will win this game 33:20.