New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers – Week 11 Picks And Predictions

Even though they lost to the Seahawks at home, the New England Patriots are still the best team in the NFL. Every squad has those games that they should win, but they end up losing. It seems that New England should win almost every match, so every single of their losses come as a bit of surprise. That’s what happens in the NFL, so we are not worrying about this team.

We are worried about Colin Kaepernick and Chip Kelly. Well, more about Niners head coach who hasn’t done a thing in the last two years that suggest that he should be the coaching an NFL team. His quarterbacks haven’t helped him one bit with their performances, but we are not going to blame all on Gabbert, and especially not Kaep for what Kelly hasn’t been able to do.

Niners season is done. They have nothing to play for but the high draft picks. Maybe the best thing that they can do going forward is to lose as many games as they can in order to get the best pick possible. Browns are the worst team in the NFL, but Niners are not that far behind and are real competitors for that spot.

Gronk might miss this game in Santa Clara, but we don’t think that Patriots need him to get the job done against the 49ers. Brady wasn’t all that impressive against Seattle, and that is one more reason why we think Patriots will win. NE quarterback wants to bounce back, and Niners are the ones that are on the menu. He has a lot of weapons at his disposal, so Gronk missing this game won’t affect New England.

We think that Patriots won’t have many problems in this duel. Anything but their dominant victory would be a surprise for us. Brady will have a great day and Patriots will win 34:19.