New England Patriots Will Have A Busy Off-Season

The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions. They are still enjoying their title, and they deserve the rest that they are getting. But, days and weeks will go by, and the Patriots will need to focus on the off-season and focus on doing whatever they can to put their team in a position to repeat this year’s success in the next season. Tom Brady is still on the team, and New England will try to put him in the best possible position to win some more rings.

Free Agency is starting in less than a month. Patriots do have some important players with contracts that are up for renewal. Star players come and go in New England, but Brady and Belichick are the same. Even though they are used to making the most out of whatever players they have on the team, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to keep their best players on the roster.

Dont’a Hightower is the guy that will most likely get the franchise tag unless the Patriots have a plan to replace him. LaGerrete Blount’s future is up in the air, but Patriots could probably make it work if he doesn’t stay with the team. Martellus Bennett will likely remain on the team as Belichick likes having two big tight ends. Logan Ryan, on the other hand, could leave this team as he will probably pursue a big payday in the off-season. Branch and Sheard are also free agents, and it will be interesting to see what Belichick does with them.

Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Garoppolo are two valuable players for different reasons for the Patriots, and it’s going to be interesting whether or not Bill decides to trade away these guys in order to get some picks if some of his other big time free agents decide to leave the team.

There are a lot of things that the Patriots need to sort out this off-season, but they also have a lot of options ahead of them. Bill Belichick knows how to get the job done, and there is no doubt that he will make the right choices for his team yet again.