New Ford Bronco is being developed in land Down Under!

The only vehicle that has managed to raise this much hype, speculations, and rumors has offered us another piece of verified info. Surprised or not, that info states that the much anticipated and heavily expected new Ford Bronco is being conceived and engineered on the other side of the world – specifically in Australia. The Aussies are in charge of the design of the new Bronco, and after they finish with it, we can expect it to arrive Stateside in 2018.

The report that team is working on this much-awaited truck has come from the, and when you take a better look at this entire situation, you can see that it really has some sense to it. How come, you might ask? Well, if you recall any of our previous reports considering the new Bronco then you know that it is going to use the foundation of the current Ranger mid-sized pickup truck which was by the way developed by the company’s Australian engineering team. After that piece of intel, plan of the Blue Oval company doesn’t sound so crazy after all, right?

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Additional info and that is pretty much another verified one, is that the both Ranger and the Bronco will be made at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Dearborn. This is incredible news, and believe us when we say together with you, we as well can not wait to see the assembly line in Michigan clanking happily. There is one thing that we wouldn’t do, and that is to envy the engineers who are going to spend a significant time in the plane between Australia and Michigan while this project is underway.

What is unknown is the final look of the new Bronco. Some concepts were revealed by Ford during previous auto shows, but to be honest, that was a long time ago, and many things changed. On the other hand, some renderings are circling the web, but nothing definitive is out in the open. The latest news surrounding it somehow imply that it will borrow the external design features from the 2014 Ford Troller T4 concept which was unveiled long time ago. When something like this is in question, the best strategy here is to remain on a middle ground and try not to predict something that is still far away, and that can make a change in any way possible. Waiting and patience are the best allies in this case.

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