New Hyundai Concept to be Unveiled at Paris Motor Show

The South Korean manufacturer will have a totally new premiere at the Paris Motor show. Hyundai shared one picture of its newest high-performance N Concept, the RN30. The car is based on the new generation Hyundai i30, and it is a real racing machine. You can tell how much effort they put into it by just looking who were they collaborating with in order to make it. Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Motorsport (HMSG), Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC) and Hyundai Motor’s Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Division, they all combined their knowledge and experience to make the RN30.

Mike Song, head of Operations for Hyundai in Africa and the Middle East, stated: “This is an insight into how Hyundai’s global technical resources can create a truly thrilling driver’s car, and a testament to the already superb engineering of the New Generation i30 that underpins the project. It also previews some of the qualities that will be built into the planned ‘N’ models, which will offer a new level of excitement for enthusiasts.”

The concept is recognizable by its very aerodynamic silhouette and latest high-performance technologies. Being a racing car, these will enable the pure high-speed driving adrenaline. The car is based on the New Generation Hyundai i30, but it will have a wider and lower stance in order to be more stable while being driven very fast.

“Hyundai has unveiled a series of new models and concept cars at this year’s major international motor shows, each one a demonstration of quality and innovation”, Mike Song explained. “The i30 and the RN30 are cars that are sure to generate enormous interest.”

As mentioned before, the world premiere of the Hyundai N Concept RN30 will be on the 29th of September at the Paris Motor Show. Hyundai will also present two new models – new i10 and the new generation i30.