New Nokia 3310 – This is the first photo of the heir to the legendary 3310


The eager fans finally got their long-awaited, legendary Nokia 3310.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Finnish company HMD Global officially presented their long-awaited state-of-the-art version of a legendary mobile phone – Nokia 3310.

This phone was introduced at the very end of the event, and HMD Global did not reveal any specific details related to this device.

Up to now, all that we know is that the new mobile phone has a full-color display, and its design reminds us of its predecessor to a large extent. There is also a 2MP rear camera. This gadget is not a smartphone, you need to know this, and it provides the same options as the original 3310 model – making telephone calls, sending messages and a long-lasting battery which can go on for days.


For all people who are nostalgic and are use their phones mostly for SMS and phone calls, this gadget is good news. Not only does it have already familiar options but it also has a well-known and legendary game Snake which is now back along with its phone.

It will also retain the “classic design language” which will add to its familiar, retro appeal.

New Nokia 3310 will be available to everyone, and as such it does not provide any impressive hardware features and options we are used to seeing from high-end smartphones.


What is impressive by all means is that the battery could hold out for 22 hours of conversation and the impressive one month in the stand-by mode. The phone is available in gray, red, yellow and navy blue color.

The new Nokia 3310 will cost 49 euros making it quite attractive offer and one of the most interesting things in the segment. According to reports, it will be available in the second quarter of the year.