New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers – Week 11 Picks And Predictions

These two teams missed a golden opportunity on Sunday to get close to the Falcons. Atlanta lost in Philly this weekend, but two of their biggest competitors couldn’t capitalize. Now, even though both squads are in a tough position, they still have a hope of catching Atlanta. But, in this Thursday Night game, one of these team’s will be taken out of the Playoff picture.

What can we say about the Saints? They are doing better than we expected and still are failing. What we mean by that is that they should have won some of the duels that they lost. Sunday’s game against the Broncos is a prime example. They were an extra point away from most likely winning the game. They went from that blocked extra point to allowing Denver to take the ball all the way to the end zone.

Panthers had a 17-0. After that, it was all downhill for the reigning NFC champions. Cam Newton couldn’t get the job done, just like their defense. Now, their Playoff chances are very slim. They depend on Atlanta and if Ryan and company can drop some games just like they did last season.

Divisional rivalries are always great matches. Drew Brees has been great this season and represented the heart and soul of this team and what makes them decent. This Panthers defense hasn’t been able to stop many people, so it will be very hard for them to stop Brees.

Even though we are tempted to pick the New Orleans Saints in this duel, they are not the same team on the road. Panthers are still all around better squad than the Saints, but it’s not going to be a cakewalk for Newton and company. New Orleans will come close to winning, but at the end, they will fall short, just like they did on Sunday against Denver. Carolina wins this duel 30:27.