New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns – Preseason Week 1 Predictions


What can be said about the Cleveland Browns that people haven’t already said over the last year. They have had a horrible 2016 and an improvement is what they are going to be looking for in 2017. Draft this year was great for them as they were able to fill some holes in that roster. As you can imagine, they did have a lot of them since the Browns won only one game last year.

The defense is looking good and the fans are waiting to see how are they going to look against this decent New Orleans offense. This preseason is probably more important for the Browns’ quarterback group than only other signal callers squad in the NFL. Is it going to be Kessler? Osweiler? The first chapter of that battle is going to be this game against the Saints.


Drew Brees in entering another season with the Saints where they just don’t have a good enough team to compete at the highest level possible. Brees is going to be good, but that wasn’t enough in the past. The draft was quite okay for them, even though they could have done better. Brandin Cooks is now gone, but the Saints do have some other options at the wide receiver position.

Even though this is just a preseason game, the contest means a lot more to the Browns. They need to find out which quarterback are they going to put in the starting lineup. That is probably going to propel them to take this game more seriously and that is why we are going to pick them to win this game 27:24.