Preparing for the Arrival of a New Pet in Your Family

Today may be your big day, as you decided to bring your new furry friend home. Be ready because these will be the most memorable days in both of your lives. It’s like coming home with a baby from the hospital or your new significant other to meet your parents. And it’s for real, believe it!

You feel nervous; it’s normal, as you want to do everything perfectly. After all, it’s a first impression that will last forever, right?

You want your “baby” to feel like home, safe and loved. We all know how this might feel, being a parent to an adorable furry friend. But it’s essential to do a lot of research on how to welcome your pet to its new home. Thus, here’s what you should do before bringing your new puppy home. Hopefully, these tips are helpful to all animal lovers out there! So, here we go.

Be ready to put energy and time into this

First things first, preparing your home to welcome your new furry baby can take some effort and time. Why? Because a lot depends on which type of animal you decide to adopt.

Welcoming a fish doesn’t take that much of an effort, obviously, but since you picked a kitty cat or a puppy, you should prepare for all the future fun. Even a chinchilla, snake, or hamster can take a bit of effort to welcome into your home. But we’re sure you’re handling it ideally and giving your new pet lots of love and happiness. The efforts will be worth it, don’t worry.

How to keep your companion animal safe in your home?

It’s called pet-proofing your home, which means hiding all the electrical cords if you’re getting a new chewer friend. Pets like hamsters can sometimes break out wild and climb everywhere. So, pet-proof your home before your pet arrives. Try to see things from the animal point of view – if you’re adopting a cat, a tassel or a cable can quickly become their favorite toy or food. You might want to keep that out of their eyesight, so your cat won’t be tempted to catch it. Think of your new pet as if you have a new toddler in your home. The difference is that this particular toddler can do things that humans generally won’t do.

Determine if you can really take care of a pet

Having a pet is really rewarding, but it can be as hard. If you’re prepared, you will love your pet unconditionally. If not, you might assist in some pretty challenging situations. So, it’s essential to determine if you can take proper care of your pet. All pets require time, care, and money. You should reconsider your thoughts if you’re not willing to follow these three crucial rules. You need to be sure you understand that a pet requires care for the long term.

Most of them require patience and attention during the day, so ensure you’ll be available for their needs most of the time. If you have children, consider what pets are most kid-friendly. If you plan on moving or making substantial lifestyle changes, ensure that a pet fits into your life. Every pet has different needs, so before you adopt one, do a lot of research.

With pet insurance, everything is simple and upfront!

If you want to make sure your pet is well-protected, you should consider getting pet insurance, like from Bivvy. It’s relieving to know that your furry friend is protected.Like any other doctor, a veterinarian can help you understand the benefits of pet insurance by advising you on the best plans that fit your pet’s needs. Be sure to do your research before you sign up!

Common reasons pet insurance is beneficial:

  • A pet health insurance plan reimburses you for covered care.
  • It allows you to focus on your pet’s health and less on the costs of vet
  • Many will enable you to pick your veterinarian.
  • Overall, it gives you peace of mind.

Just like the health insurance for you, pet insurance is essential to meet your pet’s needs. After all, you understand the numerous benefits you get in the long run.

Be realistic about the responsibilities and the budget you have

Some pets are more expensive to take care of than others. Be sure to ask yourself, do you have the budget and the maturity to take care of a pet? And don’t forget the ongoing costs of caring for your new furry friend. You must be ready to take your pet to the vet for vaccines and other preventive care, other than emergencies. It’s essential for their health, and it can be costly.

Create boundaries

Prepare your house for your new furry friend. You’ve read it earlier, but now we’re talking about food and the possible trouble your pet can get into if boundaries aren’t set. Animals are curious, food-driven creatures, unable to listen to your warnings, so they can accidentally eat something terrible or escape into the street. Make sure you keep food out of their reach, and close doors or windows to ensure you won’t lose them.

Remove dangerous objects, like knives or cleaning products, as they can be poisonous. Adopt a pet for a lifetime when you’re ready to avoid stress, and have plenty of time to get used to each other.