New Viewing App from Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) to Host Streaming Sites

Yahoo Sunnyvale

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has launched a new streaming app called Yahoo Video Guide that contains a catalogue of streaming sites for users in an effort to reap benefits from the cord-cutting trend.

The company launched the app for both Android and iOS. The Yahoo Video Guide App allows users find movies and TV shows from content providers such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and other streaming services. It then lets users launch the content directly on any video player that is already installed on the mobile phone.

Yahoo is attempting to tackle one of the major issues that bother users on streaming services. Before the era of Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) and its keen, cable TV used to provide guides on the shows that were available. Unfortunately, the streaming services offer very little information to guide users. The app will also feature listings from numerous other streaming sites including YouTube and TV networks. This means the app assists other streaming services and will thus be an advantage for both the users and the content streaming services.

Yahoo has also incorporated a mood picker that lets users view content based on their mood. They can select mood content based on various gifs that point to different genres. The app is also tuned to identify which streaming service the user is subscribed to. It also caters to those that do not have any subscription by providing pricing information for various titles. Unsubscribed users can, therefore, rent or buy a title on demand. It also allows users access to services where they can stream content for free.

The app is also linked to the Rotten Tomato rating and a few extra features such as information about the movie or TV show and cast information. Yahoo claims that the app is an exciting offering to the mobile viewing scene and is a great start towards the development of content for smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

One of the most interesting things about Yahoo’s new offering is the well-organized interface of the app. The major challenge for the company will be encouraging users to use a third-party app to open the same streaming services they are used to.

Sources: techcrunch