New Windows 10 update – webcams stop working

Because of this Windows 10 update, which appeared earlier this month, many cameras used for Skype or broadcasting and stream footage stopped working.
It is supposed that the reason for this is a different way of Windows 10 handling video, as more than one program can use it in the same time.
Microsoft announced that they are working on solving this problem but the company didn’t mention any specific date for when it will be finished.

‘Poor job’

Microsoft has got many appeals after Windows Update 1607 was released in early August. Many people reported to Microsoft that they had problems with their webcam. They said that they could not stream the footage, or that images froze after some time. And by this update were affected both webcams connected via USB cables or those on the same network.
Surprisingly enough, it affected even the webcams which were owned by Microsoft- webcams used on Skype and Lync.

Millions of people reported having these problems by making negative comments on the support thread. It even caused some companies having problems with their clients as those who used webcams for internet banking said they could not verify the transactions they had made.

After some analysis being done, it was concluded that changes to the video encoding systems caused such problems. This update enables that more than one application uses video while it is being shot, in contrast to prior updates when only one application had access to a stream.


A Microsoft camera engineer said that people shouldn’t have been informed about the change at all, and reported that the company had done “poor job” by letting people know about it. He apologized to all for “dropping the ball on that front”.

The company is looking forward to fixing the problem and getting webcams work again. The forecast is that the fix will be released in September.

The company has not yet officially reported on the problem.

One more thing that also makes the problem harder to solve are different ways in which Microsoft handles updates. Before the update 1607 was released, Windows 10 users were given a period of 30 days to go back to a previous version after the new was installed. However, this new update gives to their users only 10 days to return to the prior version of Windows 10 when their webcams worked.

We waiting new Windows 11!