New York Giants vs. Cleveland Browns – Week 12 Picks And Predictions

You never want to be that team that is going to be known as the team that lost to the winless squad. We are 11 weeks into the season, and Cleveland still hasn’t won a game. When we look deeper into their schedule, we can’t help but wonder if they will be able to get at least one victory in their final score and avoid going 0-16.

They will host the Giants this week with McCown at quarterback. He is their best option at that position, but they went with Kessler as their signal caller because they want to see if he is the quarterback for the future. Till the end of the season, they will play against the Bengals, Ravens, Steelers and Chargers. Teams in their division are not playing a great brand of football, but Browns won’t be favored to win any of those duels.

On the other hand, we have this Giants squad that is on a roll right now. Their defense is much better than last season, and they are the ones that are making the difference so far. Great performance and possibility to stop many rivals are the reason that this team is in the Wild Card spot.

Eli Manning and his offense had a decent season, not great, but they got the job done in most of this year’s games. Odell is playing much better after his slow start, and he is going to tear up this Browns defense on Sunday.

Cleveland is chasing its first win of the season, but they are not going to get it against the New York Giants. We think this Giants offense is going to put on a show and pull away from the Browns in the second half. Browns will put up a fight, just like they always do, but will fall short, again, just like they always do. The final score of this match is going to be 34:17 in favor of the Giants.