New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings – Week 4 Picks And Predictions

Monday Night Football is always a big stage, and in Week 4 we’ll get to watch Giants and Vikings. Exciting New York team against undefeated Minny squad. Offensive juggernaut against the defensive powerhouse. Who comes out on top in this clash of styles?

Vikings defense has been able to shut down some of the best quarterbacks and offensive lines in the game. Their last two victims were Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton. After Panthers’ signal-caller was sacked eight times last week, they have set their eyes on Eli Manning.

What they do is to take away your best wideout and let others beat you. Packers weren’t able to win that matchup, while last week all Vikings were on Kelvin Benjamin. And others couldn’t quite beat them.

Well, here come the Giants. The difference, this time, is that New York has at least two, if not three legitimate first option type of guys. Sterling Shepard has shown what he can do, and Vikings just won’t be able to gang up on Odell Beckham Jr. That can be costly for them, and Shepard will burn them all night long.

And there is Victor Cruz, always dangerous and ready to make a big play. Giants problem will be their running game as Jennings missed last week with thumb problems while Vereen is out for the season with triceps problems.

Tough game to pick, but we are going to go with the Giants. Even this defense is at an elite level, one of the best, Eli has just so many weapons and he will manage to put the points on the board somehow. Can Sam Bradford do the same against this improved Giants defense? We just can’t say, and we don’t really trust him to make big-time plays. We are picking the Giants to win this game 20:17.