New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Week 13 Picks And Predictions

This is definitely one of the most interesting matchups in Week 13. Both of these teams are in the Playoff hunt and need to win this game in order to make up or not lose ground in this postseason race. Giants are looking like a well-balanced team, but are they actually better than the Steelers?

Pittsburgh has had an up and down year so far. The injuries cost them a couple of wins, but they also had some surprising losses like the one to the Eagles in Philly. This offense is elite, but the defense needs to show us something. They have lost some games for this team and need to make up for that.

They will have a great chance of doing that against this Eli-led offense of the New York Giants. He is known for throwing picks as well as throwing TDs, depending on his mood. In a duel like this, an important match that is most likely going to be a high-scoring game, Eli could throw some picks that can be costly.

That is where this Steelers defense needs to make an impact and give the wind to the back of their team.

Giants’ defense has improved a lot this season. They were one of the worst defensive squads in the NFL. Now they are middle of the pack team or even a bit better than that. They will need to step up on Sunday and slow down Brown, Big Ben, and Bell.

We don’t think that is going to happen. Steelers won’t stop Odell Beckham Jr, but Giants defense won’t be able to make enough of an impact. Steelers are playing on their home turf, and they need to win this game with the sense of urgency that is going to kick in. All of this will lead to a high-scoring contest in which Steelers will end up victorious with the final score being 34:30.