New York Knicks – Season Preview And Predictions

New York Knicks have had consecutive seasons of not making the Playoffs while Carmelo Anthony was in his prime. Now, he still is one of the best scorers in the NBA, but it just seems that he is a bit over the hill. The difference now is that Knicks got him some help and this team is looking like a Playoff contender.

They haven’t drafted anybody but made some big-time signings and trades. First of all, there is that Derrick Rose deal that sent former MVP to the Big Apple. Then, they signed Joakim Noah to that huge 4-year 18-mil per year deal and solved that center problem that Rose deal made as Knicks gave up Robin Lopez to the Bulls.

Courtney Lee is now in New York, and he is a great pickup for this squad. He was very productive for Charlotte Hornets last season and is a good two-way guard for the Knicks. Brandon Jennings is another decent addition to this team. If Rose misses any games, and he will for sure be out for at least a couple, Knicks do have a good backup in Jennings.

There are players that left, like Calderon, Lopez, Derrick Williams, but they weren’t those that made a great impact on the performance of this team.

Kristaps Porzingis will be a big factor this year, and he needs to make that much-needed step in becoming the best player of this team. Carmelo Anthony will do his thing just like Joakim Noah if he stays healthy.

Jeff Hornacek is the man who is known to make lemonade when he was given only lemons as the head coach. He can coach the offense, and this team has some firepower. But the biggest X-Factor is Derrick Rose, and if he can be close to that All-Star level, we might have one of top spot contenders.

Even though that Noah deal makes you scratch your head, Knicks did a pretty decent job during the offseason. They should be able to make the Playoffs and challenge some teams for the second round. We think this team will go 46-36 during the regular season and make the Playoffs. They are knocking on the door of those Top 4 teams in the East and who knows, they just might squeak into the Second Round. But that is where the journey ends for these 2016-2017 New York Knicks. First Round exit, possibly Second Round.