NFC playoff picture and where the Cowboys are standing


The Cowboys, so far, are doing exactly what they should to get to the playoffs with a small, but an important winning streak. The last game against the New York Giants brought them to 7-6, but they still need to fight and win more games. They will also need help from other teams, which are, for now, unfortunately, ruining their hopes as the Week 14 didn’t bring so many good things for Cowboys.

Thursday’s game in which the Saints almost took the win from the Falcons was going in the right direction, but hopes of good result got shattered thanks to Drew Brees intercepted throw in the end zone. Falcons won the match and are now 8-5 with the tiebreaker over Dallas. This means that they have to lose two of the next three games in order for Cowboys to catch them. Falcon’s last three clashes are with Bucs, Saints and Panthers and the final game (vs. Panthers) might be the key one. But this is not all, the America’s Team agony is continued by the fact that Green Bay and Detroit won. Cowboys needed one loss apiece from these two, but sadly it ended the way it shouldn’t. Green Bay came back and beat Cleveland in overtime while the Detroit won over Tampa Bay with a last-second field goal.


The only time when Cowboys had some luck was the match between the Jaguars and the Seahawks. Jaguars won the game, and that helped pave at least one part of Cowboys’ road to playoffs. The second part is out of their hands and control. If we analyze it further, then we know that Dallas crew have to win out to get to 10-6 which is the result that will eliminate Seattle, as they probably can’t have a better score than 10-6, that is if they lose to the Cowboys. Next thing America’s Team need is for Green Bay and Detroit to lose at some point, but that could be a little far-fetched. The easiest thing to happen is for Falcons to lose two more games. If Atlanta loses against Saints and the Panthers, Cowboys easily slide in the last playoff spot instead of them.

One more team needs to be taken into consideration, and that are the Panthers. Why? Well because of the conference records. Falcons and Panthers definitely have to play the last game against each other, but the fact is that whoever loses that match needs to lose one more along the way for Cowboys to make it to a favorable position. Now it is all in the hands of football Gods, and we pray that there is a possibility that the ‘Boys can win out and that Green Bay and Detroit will lose. Plus we also pray for two loses from the Falcons or Panthers. It is a lot to ask, but we believe that Cowboys earned at least a little help.