NFL MVP – Matt Ryan Or Tom Brady?


NFL Awards show takes place just a day before the Super Bowl. It’s pretty tough to pick the winners this year, and the MVP award is not an exception. Even though we have guys that are the favorites as well as those that are dark horses to win it, the winner can be anybody’s guess. Two players that stand out are Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, two guys that will be playing in the Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

Tom Brady has played just 12 games, but he used his time on the field pretty well as he threw 28 touchdowns with only two picks. That is the best TD-to-INT ratio in NFL history. He went 11-1, losing only to the Seattle Seahawks at home, in a great rivalry duel. He was subpar against the Texans but made up for it against the Steelers as he torched them all game long. Played nearly a perfect match.


Matt Ryan was just as impressive as Brady was during the regular season. He threw for 38 TDs but had 7 interceptions in the 16 games that he has played. What separates him from Tom are two things. First of all, he has played all games in the regular season. Tom Brady has been great, but when we are talking about the MVP, it’s the guy that has been the best during the season. Brady missed a month while Ryan went 3-1 in September.

The second thing is the fact that Ryan has had just a bit better postseason than Brady. He was on fire both against the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Brady, like we said, had an average outing against the Texans. That is why we are going with Matt Ryan as the NFL MVP on Saturday Night. We’ll see who is going to win Super Bowl MVP on Sunday.