Nia Jax Takes A Shot At Monday Night Raw

Since the brand split happened back in July of 2016, there is no doubt that Smackdown live has produced better shows than Monday Night Raw on a consistent basis. One of the knocks for Monday Night Raw, among many things that they have been doing wrong, is the fact that they have let a lot of women on their roster just sit in the back and have no storyline whatsoever.

The year 2017 has been decent for the women of the red brand as there have been occasions where there were multiple women with the storyline. For the most of 2016, it was Charlotte going up against Sasha Banks. That was the only women’s programming that red brand did for the majority of the second part of the year.

On the other hand, Smackdown Live has used all of their superstars on a consistent basis. Everybody got the chance to shine and to get over with the fans; everyone had a feud and a match at the pay per view. That is going to happen again in three weeks as there is going to be a first-ever Money in the Bank women’s match. All superstars, except the champion, are going to be in the match. The division is looking good when everybody is involved.

Nia Jax has noticed this, and she went to Twitter where she called out her own brand. She stated that everybody is showcased on Smackdown Live while that is not the case on Raw. She is right, but it is still a questionable move on her part to do something like this. Hopefully, this won’t get her in trouble with the officials of the red brand. The frustration of sitting in the back is understandable though.