Nick Foles Won’t Change Cowboys’ Quarterback Philosophy

If we learned anything from Philadelphia Eagles most recent Super Bowl run, it’s that is important to have a quality backup quarterback. Nick Foles showed the world that even as a backup he had enough experience and quality to lead Eagles team to the Lombardi Trophy.

It’s not often that a backup QB leads a team to the postseason and to cross the finish line in such a dominant manner. Foles played his best match of the year maybe even of his career in the Super Bowl matchup vs. an all-time great Tom Brady. And he won!

Dallas Cowboys have a different QB situation. Dak Prescott is their starting quarterback. Both him and Wentz were drafted in 2016. Philadelphia’s QB was the second selection overall while Prescott came as pick No135 in the fourth round. But, in the backup category where Philly has Foles, Big D franchise has undrafted free agent Cooper Rush. Former Central Michigan University product had some good matches in the 2017 preseason, but he was nowhere near Foles’s level.

Regardless of Eagles’ recent success that hurt Cowboys more than any other NFL franchise, even the Patriots who lost the SB, they won’t be changing their QB philosophy. Same as last year, Cooper Rush will continue being a backup to Dak Prescott.

When asked on the subject of backup QB’s, during NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Cowboys vice-president Stephen Jones said: “We like our quarterback. We could have got Foles a couple of years ago, too, and we wouldn’t have had Dak [Prescott] if we brought Foles in. Foles is the rare deal. It worked out for them. But it’s not going to change our overall philosophy because one player worked out one time.”

Cowboys thought about Foles when they were looking for a backup in 2016. Back then they stick to Kellen Moore, who is now their QB coach, and decided to pass on Nick Foles. In a recent interview, Jerry Jones said that he is “really proud” of the decision not to bring in Foles. Because by doing that they gave time and space to Dak to develop further.

Prescott went trough sophomore slump last year, but despite that, he is still regarded as a franchise quarterback by Dallas squad officials. His backup, Cooper Rush, is considered a player with potential who they can develop by giving him more snaps this preseason as they did last year. So, as far QB’s go, nothing will change in Dallas nor for Nick Foles nor someone else.