Nikolija Jovanovic Gave Birth To Rea – New Images With Relja Popovic

Nikolija Jovanovic has left the maternity ward today, accompanied by her husband, Relja Popovic. He has arrived today about 11 am with his friends and many presents for Nikolija. After they finished paperwork they have left the hospital.

Smiling couple couldn’t hide their happiness, and we saw Nikolija possing in a long gray dress. Relja was carrying their baby girl Rea, and as soon as they stepped out, many reporters were trying to get the best shot of them.

Frist question from Blic/Alo reporter was for Nikolija; she asked her how does she feel. The answer was short but honest: “Newer better.” The second question was about Vesna Zmijanac and why she didn’t come, and Nikolija said: “Someone has to take care of lunch.” After that reported asked Relja to comment about the fact that was there beside his wife during c-section. Relja stated: “Wonderful, wonderful. These are the best moments in life”.

Nikolija gave birth to Rea with c-section three days ago. Both of them confirmed that Relja was present and as soon as he left the hospital his friends tore his shirt.

Grandmother Vesna didn’t even try to hide how excited she was and celebrated the same night. The popular singer also added: “I held her whole day. She is the most beautiful little girl.” Obviously entire family was very happy with the arrival of the newest member.