Nisa Investment Advisors Increases its Shareholding in Facebook Inc (FB)

Facebook headquarters hq

Nisa investment Advisors has increased it percentage shareholding in the social networking giant, Facebook. In a routine security filing report done at the Securities and Exchange Commission, the hedge fund company acquired 9,900 Facebook shares to increase its percentage shareholding in the company by 1.9% As a result of this transaction, Facebook become one of the most important holdings held under the Nisa Investment Advisors portfolio.

The recent development comes amidst a flurry of activities involving the Facebook stock. In the recent past, many hedge funds companies that own shares in Facebook have been increasing their stake in the performing company. The first one was a company called Perigon Wealth Management. In the SEC filings, it has emerged that the company bought more Facebook shares during the last quarter to increase its stake in the company by 0.6%

Another hedge fund company that increased its shareholding of Facebook is Terra Nova Asset Management. The company went on a buying spree during last quarter and increased its percentage of shareholding in Facebook by a staggering 252.9%. Currently, its total shareholding in Facebook is estimated to be worth $1,777,000.

Palo Capital is another hedge fund company that has increased its level of shareholding in Facebook in the recent past. During the last quarter, it was indicated that the company bought more shares of Facebook. The value of the shares that the company bought was said to be $855,000.

But what is important to note is the fact that these activities indicate the overall performance of Facebook. In general, the company has been performing relatively well. It is in light of this that many security brokerage firms have been recommending to investors to buy the Facebook shares in the recent past. Brokerage firms usually sieve their analysis to simple statements such as ‘buy’ or ‘do not buy.’

When they believe that a company is performing well and that its share price is set to continue rising in the foreseeable future, they usually advise investors to buy the shares. This has been the verdict that many brokerage firms have reached on when analysing the performance of the Facebook share price.

In its quarterly reporting, the company has indicated that it believes that it has a bright future. Its Earning Per Share (EPS) value for the last quarter exceeded what market experts had predicted it would be. Whereas analysts expected the company to post an EPS value of 0.52, the company actually posted a value of 0.57, thus underscoring its positive performance in the recent past.