No Adrian Peterson? No Problem For Vikings As They Upset Panthers

Nobody really saw this one coming. No Adrian Peterson. Going up against the Carolina Panthers on the road. Can’t get much tougher than that for a football squad. Yet, the Vikings pulled it off. They are looking great right now, a win against the Packers and Panthers. Two Super Bowl contending teams right there.

Carolina had a great start to the game, up 10-2 and Minny looking for answers. Who could ever guess, at that point, that Panthers won’t score a single point until the end of the game? Really impressive stuff by Mike Zimmer and his squad. They are looking good to start the season and can be a huge threat to NFC’s best teams.

Decent numbers for Vikes’ QB. But this game was won on defense by Minnesota. Cam Newton went 21/35 for 262 yards with no touchdowns and three picks. Just not good enough from your MVP against this elite defense.

Kyle Rudolph and Stefon Diggs were Bradford’s primary targets, and they are the ones who caught most of the passes from Sam Bradford.

Panthers are now 1-2, and NFC Defending Champions have some questions to answer in coming weeks. They are not looking as good as they did last year and they need to turn things around quick, fast and in a hurry.

On the other hand, Vikings are standing at 3-0, top of the division and the NFC. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL, but they will need to keep up performing as they have done so far. Defense is the key for this team, and that’s where Vikes win their games.