No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date, News and Updates


When To Expect ‘No Game No Life‘ Season 2?

A famous anime series written by Yū Kamiya is said to be coming back to the big screens with its long-awaited sequel. Created by Madhouse studio, No Game No Life first season achieved an immense popularity in 2014 when it was originally aired. The storyline gives us an insight into lives of two Hikikomoris, 18-year-old Sora, and 11-year-old Shiro. Their skills make them a strong and powerful team which is why they are undefeated in the online gaming world. In this world, they are known as “Blank.”

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The two stepsiblings decide to withdraw completely from the reality world after their parent’s death. However, when offered to go to a different, alternative reality, where their gaming skills are all it takes, they decide to come on board. They face many obstacles and difficulties in that environment, but their strength remains to be their strong bond. The first season of No Game No Life’ was cut in its peak, so to say. Just when the things started warming up the series ended, leaving its fans yearning for more.


Even though the Season 1 caused hotbed of positive emotions and comments, there were some complaints about its quality of adaptation. Some also complain about the first season’s ending, but it is generally thought that the reason for this was to make the arrival of the next installment even more exciting.

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No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Considering that the show was more than well accepted by both the audience and the critics, it comes as a real surprise that there is still no news about NGNL season 2 release date. The show is on hiatus since the end of the first season, and that was in June of 2014. But, nonetheless, you should keep your hopes high because as the sixth novel is planned to be turned into a anime movie so it’s only a matter of time when will the studio announce NGNL Season 2.