Nokia 6: Full review, specifications and pros & cons

Nokia is a brand that still demands a ton of respect. They made their comeback with the legendary 3310. Recently, they revealed their flagship – the Nokia 8, which was globally presented. Today, we’ll focus on the device that is quite similar regarding the looks and the feels, but its price is a tempting Rs 15k.

What can you get for this mid-range price? Well, if you’re familiar with the Nokia Lumia phones powered by Windows, then you will notice a great similarity regarding the design. This device is completely metal, with a slightly curved back and flat sides, chamfered edges that glimmer in the light and 2.5D glass. The body of the phone is made from a single piece of aluminum, so it’s way more high-end than what we would usually get at this price.

As for the screen, it is full HD IPS LCD, along with outstanding viewing angles and high contrast.  Regarding the display, it works excellent indoors, as well as outdoors. Also, around the phone, there are volume and power buttons on the right, a single speaker grill and on top a headphone jack. On the back, there is the camera module that does protrude a little, but not too much. And the antenna bands are nicely integrated into the aluminum.

When it comes to performance, it is a mixture of a lot of things. The Android experience and smoothness are on the plus side. But as for the processor, there are a few weak spots. Games and some apps take forever to open, plus, you will usually need a lot of time just to install them. For everyday use, this shouldn’t be a problem. But the people hungry for performance will probably reach the limits of the phone very fast. Battery life is okay, but not excellent. With 4G/VoLTE, we managed to get a full day of use.

The camera is excellent for this price. It can focus quickly between far and near objects and makes photos that look great.  The entry-level nature can be seen when it comes to low light, so keep your expectations at bay. You can manually choose white balance, focus, exposure value, and metering, but no shutter speed control or ISO. Video recording is okay, but the resolution is limited at 1080p. You need to keep the phone steady when filming because there is no electronic or optical stabilization.

There are a lot of very capable phones around this price, so there is a lot of competition out there. But the hope relies on the power of Nokia brand to attract the customers, which will probably work, as there are a lot of loyal fans out there.