NORA: Promoting Safety All Over the World

I’m going to puck my neck on the line and say that you don’t know what Nora is. Well, if so then how could you? NORA is an acronym for Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness software and is the only piece of security software that you and your establishment need. Namely, NORA is a security software developed by IBM Relationship Resolution that can save your business countless hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. What’s so special about it is that it can save lives and even prevent terrorist attacks.

NORA sees things we can’t with a human eye. It’s an awareness software that can find and alert you, or security, about potential security threats before they even happen.  NORA is a security software that scans camera feeds and other information and matches those against a given database of criminals and such to discover if anything is out of order based on the pre-given information. NORA can scan security cameras to discover if anyone who is not your employee is entering certain employee only zones.

Because it can scan camera feeds, the national security agency uses NORA in a similar way to prevent any terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and other security risks. NORA can be used to survey, oversee, and protect important communications hubs in any part of the country such as train stations, airports, and even highways. She can be put against any database to signal if anyone of interest is passing through or if anything suspicious is happening in your establishment.

Namely, NORA has a facial recognition software that can highlight any potential danger happening inside your establishment, and can highlight to your security staff if anyone comes who should not be there. If given information, it can match that information against the people it is scanning to see if any suspicious movement patterns occur. NORA can find any person in any given database. What’s more amazing is that NORA can be paired with a license plate detection software to uncover any potential dangers before they actually happen.

NORA can scan the people inside your establishment and determine if anyone knows each other or if they are unaffiliated to one another. This is very important because most scams and even robberies only work with a group of people involved. NORA can scan people and go through their history, effectively comparing it to the rest of the people inside your establishment, and discover if there are any possible connections. NORA can discover if anyone entering your establishment has a criminal record, what is his address, and even telephone number. Furthermore, this powerful security system is capable of tracking payments which is essential for many businesses. While some might think of this as a breach of privacy, and if you are one of those people, you might want to consider online payment methods with Bitcoins or Ethereum as those can’t be traced.

NORA can scan your new employees and discover if what they say and who they are is true or not. NORA will do a whole background screening check of your new employee and discover past criminal records and/or addiction problems.

How powerful is NORA?

The more database and software you provide NORA, the more powerful she is. Namely, the more you provide information to NORA, the bigger the chances of you discovering relationships between people entering your establishment, and detecting suspicious movement, as well as a complete screening of employee and anyone entering your establishment. It can reveal past criminal records and even current APB’s. NORA can be a very helpful and live saving tool for both yourself and your business.