North Korea Launches Another Missile Over Japan


Despite warnings coming from various sides, North Korea decided for another missile launch. Once again they have provoked Japan by firing the rocket over their northern island of Hokkaido. The World powers haven’t settled down from the previous test, and Kim Jong-un decided for another provocation. This is the second time in less than a one month time that Kim decided to demonstrate NK power and provoking Japan at the same time. In addition to conducting the forbidden nuclear test, they are now more frequently stirring Japan, USA, and the entire world in general. The United Nations sanctions on the country didn’t do anything to prevent them from continuing with their actions.

The North Korean news agencies haven’t made any public comments on the latest missile launch, but their attitude is known from earlier: “no matter how strong the pressure is, it doesn’t work on us.”

United States of America and Japan will ask of United Nations for more pressure on North Korea. Both nations are seeking an urgent meeting of Security Council. General Assembly is on the schedule next week, and for sure the question of North Korea will be one of the most critical issues to address.


The latest projectile came after sixth nuclear test by North Korean, and it wasn’t greeted with smiles in Japan. The Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the launch as “totally unacceptable” and something that is going against “the international community’s strong, united will for a peaceful solution.”

The Friday launch was announced on Wednesday when North Korean State Agency KCNA stated that “four islands of the (Japanese) archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche,” The Juche refers to the official ideology of this country.

The North Korean regime was also keen to send a subtle message to the US. The distance that missile flew this time is equivalent and even slightly greater than the distance from NK to Guam which is the closest US territory. Stay tuned for more news.